Welcome to The Living Seed Yoga & Holistic Health Center: Yoga, Dance, Massage, Naturopathic Doctor, Holistic Family Practitioner & Sauna of New York in the Hudson Valley

Carisa creates a sanctuary, a sacred place for people to deepen their relationship to their spirits through movement, mindfulness, meditation and creative expression.

She is the director of The Living Seed, which opened its doors to the Hudson Valley Community in the summer of 2000. Carisa is a certified Sivananda Yoga Teacher, Yoga Tune Up® Teacher, completed the Forrest Yoga foundation course and two Advanced Teacher Training Courses with Ana Forrest, Gil Headly's 6 Day Human Dissection Workshop and is initiated into the path of Andean Mysticism with Elizabeth Jenkins and Don Juan Nunez Del Prado.

She is currently in a three year training program to be a Hanna Somatic Educator with the Somatic Institute under Eleanor Criswell.

She is a level 5 Student and level 1 Instructor of I Liq Chuan, the Martial Art of Awareness, a family style Kung Fu based on principles of Tai Chi and Zen philosophy.

Carisa is eternally grateful for the devotion, wisdom and insight that all of her teachers and ancestors have shared with her. Their passion for their arts and for healing the human spirit and mending the hoop of the people are a daily inspiration. She is honored to practice and share the art of Yoga and the Internal Arts- they are gifts - bringing us back to ourselves so we can heal, love and grow to express our highest potential.