Welcome to The Living Seed Yoga & Holistic Health Center: Yoga, Dance, Massage, Naturopathic Doctor, Holistic Family Practitioner & Sauna of New York in the Hudson Valley

Beginners Yoga

A wonderful introductory to the art and practice of Yoga. We offer both ongoing beginners classes and a seven week Beginners Course. Learn the basic postures, breathing exercises and deep relaxation techniques. Questions and discussion are encouraged

Gentle Yoga

Open to all levels, our Gentle Yoga class is designed to connect breath, alignment, and mindfulness with basic yoga postures. Cultivating inner peace, these classes focus on stretching and attention to breath to ease your body and mind. Especially good for anyone who wants a slower paced, less strenuous class.

Hatha Yoga I

Hatha Yoga tones, strengthens and stretches the body, focusing on mindful breathing while in the postures. Hatha Yoga level I teaches the fundamentals of a safe, healing yoga practice including pranayama practices. Level I classes is great for students who are transitioning from beginners to intermediate.

Hatha Yoga II

This class is an opportunity to work deeply in postures, exploring the finer points of asana technique and creative asana sequencing. This class focuses on intermediate/advanced postures including inversions, pranayama practices, bandhas, kriyas, and meditation.

Vinyasa Yoga

Experience a flow between postures connecting breath to each movement. Warming up with sun salutations, this class will lead you through standing poses, forward bends, twists, backbends, occasionally arm balances and inversions, and finally relaxation. Some yoga experience and familiarity with basic postures is helpful.

Restorative Yoga

In this slow moving, multi level class learn to access a "soft spine" and create harmony within postures, as well as the joints and muscles. Class with have both gentle flow sequences, standing and balancing postures ending with several restorative postures before a long guided relaxation. Beginners welcome.

Kids Yoga

This playful class encourages self-expression and builds social skills through an imaginative asana practice. Children will strengthen their bodies as they learn how to focus through breathing and relaxation techniques.

BareFoot Dance

Balanced Fitness Fun! A dynamic blend of dance, free weights and gentle Yoga.

Join Janis as she engages you in a dynamic and lively fitness class. Create balance with 20 minute intervals of barefoot dance, free weights and gentle Yoga...all spiced up with a touch of fun and a few laughs to keep it light!

Bring your own 2/3/or 5lb weights if you have them. You can use your Living Seed Yoga Class Card for this class.

Beginner Yoga Course 1 -
with Carisa Borrello

May 9th- May 30th 2017
Tuesdays 7:15-9pm

This four week yoga course will lay a strong foundation for the practice of Yoga. This progressive course will include:
yoga postures
breathing exercises
conscious movement exploration
core strengthening
self massage
yogic philosophy

Begin your Yoga practice in a safe and supportive environment with a knowledgeable and experienced teacher. Carisa, the director of The Living Seed, is committed to healing and harmonizing the mind, body and spirit through the depth and practice of Yoga.

Yoga is a deep exploration of your own inner self. Through finding the harmony within we unify with the natural rhythms of life. With compassionate awareness we dive into the experience of our bodies, we observe and flow with the fluctuations of the mind; ignite our internal vitality and breathe into the full embrace of our spiritual selves. Through this practice we return home and honor our journey and own our inherent beauty.

One private yoga session is included with this course. This private one on one session can be scheduled on an individual availability. Please schedule with Carisa in person after the course has begun.

It is our goal to support you to begin your yoga practice and build your progress from day one.
Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a Yoga mat.

Call 845-255-8212 to register or sign up online & commit to your whole health with yoga today!

Mindfulness Meditation Series

Next session: May 16th - June 6th 2017
Tuesdays 6-7:30pm

Learn a variety of Mindfulness Meditation practices in this experiential class that teaches effective and pragmatic methods for observing our habits of thought, behavior, emotion, and physiological stress. Through this practice of compassionate self-observation, we begin to release ourselves from our (often negative) habitual modes of living and become skilled at negotiating life's challenges with more adaptability, clarity, focus of attention, and insight.
Please wear comfortable, loose, layered clothing (any movement based practices will be very gentle) and bring a notebook and pen and, if you have a meditation cushion, bring that as well. Register at The Living Seed at 845-255-8212. If you have any specific questions, please call Donna at 609.731.7748.

40 Day Morning Meditation Immersion

April 24th - June 2nd 2017
6:30 - 7:15am
Embrace the stillness and inner quiet of your mind in the early hours of each morning in the practice of meditation. Our natural state is presence, yet in our busy lives we easily forget ourselves and loose our balance & awareness. Meditation will return you to you, and awaken the presence and beauty of each moment to its fullness in simplicity & truth. The experience itself is the teacher.
Please arrive a few minutes early to get yourself comfortable and set up. We have chairs available.
The practice will begin punctually at 6:30am.
This is an open Meditation Practice not a lead practice or a class.
We request no one enter once the group practice has started.
Donations are welcome to help support The Living Seed.

Please check our schedule online for any cancellations due to weather and holidays. Please drive safely.