Welcome to The Living Seed Yoga & Holistic Health Center: Yoga, Dance, Massage, Naturopathic Doctor, Holistic Family Practitioner & Sauna of New York in the Hudson Valley

About The Living Seed

The Living Seed has been a vital community resource offering a warm, welcoming environment and high quality Yoga classes for over sixteen years. Our team of dedicated and highly experienced Yoga teachers bring integrity and compassion to their classes. Their instruction stems from a variety of Yogic traditions, offering our students their collective focus on the integrity of breath, mindfulness and movement. We also offer classes in a diverse range of modalities, including Meditation, Martial Arts, Dance, Somatic Movement and Massage.

A Personal Letter from Carisa -founder and director of The Living Seed

When I was a teenager I found out that I was born with MRKH syndrome and could not bear children. This was a powerful and life altering time period for me. It was a catalyst that lead me to search, to question what I did, to find what was truly important to me and to look for want I wanted to do in the world with my time here. It brought me from a child to an adult in the blink of an eye. My world literally flipped upside down.

When I decided that I wanted to share Yoga, self-exploration, self-inquiry, and healing with the world there was no hesitation. What I did have a little hesitation was with the name, I asked many people and finally realized it had to come from within. One day while driving I asked myself what the name should be and deep from within me the words emerged, THE LIVING SEED!

The Living Seed has such deep and profound meanings for me and is a constant reminder that we each hold the seed of divinity within ourselves and we manifest the fruits that we put forth into the world with our Love, Action, Intellect and Will. We hold the power of what we put into the world.

We are an expression of Shakti! We are all part of creation, preservation and destruction, the cycles of life. When we put energy forth in our lives we actively take part in creating what we want to see in the world and within our lives.

We invite you to look with soft eyes at the beauty, perfection and diversity of all of life's creations, yourself included. Explore what you want to manifest in your life and how you can put that into being. We are here to support you in your practice, healing and growth. Return home to yourself and to what is truly important in life.