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Instructor Rich Kelly has spent his life teaching martial arts and music to all ages. He began teaching Taekwondo as an assistant at age 14, he has taught & coached ever since. He first began studying with Master Sam F.S. Chin in 1997, becoming a disciple in 2004. His teaching method emphasizes hands on instruction & partner training to allow immediate, practical and honest feedback.

A 30 year veteran of martial arts, he brings a depth of experience that ranges from training with the US Olympic Team, to personal instruction from Master Chin Lik Keong (founder of I Liq Chuan). Undefeated in amatuer full contact, he has won gold medals in Sparring, Sanshou and Push hands at Regional, National & Pan American tournaments.

Also a career musician, Rich teaches music classes, private lessons and workshops to all ages. He always looks to find what inspires each individual student and his unique experience teaching in many diverse contexts, allows him to bring a seasoned attentiveness to each student.

Rich's love of martial arts, health, and Buddhism inspire him to continue to train and spread I Liq Chuan, the martial art of awareness. He currently teaches weeknight classes in New Paltz, NY, and conducts workshops internationally. Through Sam Chin's Zhong Xin Dao approach, he strives to honor the tradition, and integrity of the Chin family through the incredible gift of I Liq Chuan.

Instructor Rich Kelly
    Certified I Liq Chuan Instructor 3
    Taekwondo 3rd Dan (Kukkiwon -Seoul)
    Disciple of Master Sam F.S. Chin
    Gold Medalist, Sparring, Sanshou & Push Hands
     Wushu/Kung Fu (USWKF)
      Pan American
     Taekwondo (WTF)
Governors Cup
      US Cup
      Hwang's NE Invitational

To contact Rich please email richkellymusic@gmail.com or call The Living Seed 845-255-8212.