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I Liq Chuan

I-Liq Chuan (ILC) is an internal Chinese martial art system based on principles of Zen and Tai Chi. Literally translated, the name means "mind-body fist" or alternatively "mental-physical boxing." I-Liq Chuan is often referred to as the "Martial Art of Awareness" due to its emphasis on mindfulness training as the foundation for achieving martial skill. Training in the art improves mental focus, calms the mind, improves balance, heightens body awareness, and develops powerful and graceful movement.

I-Liq Chuan training includes two parts: unifying/harmonizing oneself and unifying with a partner or opponent. Initially, training focuses more on the unification of the self via solo exercises and the 21 and butterfly forms to develop the foundation of body awareness and an understanding of basic body mechanics. As the ILC practitioner gains more proficiency in maintaining body unity, progressively more partner exercises (spinning and sticky hands drills) are incorporated into training to develop an ability to harmonize with an opponent.

Mindfulness training is prevalent in all phases of the training, even in the martial aspects of the partner training. Higher levels of skill and understanding depend on the practitioner being able to perceive the conditions of the moment in order to flow and harmonize. In addition to establishing unified body movement, ILC training also incorporates meditative practice to train mental focus.

I Liq Chuan was born out of a nomadic warrior tribe that depended on martial prowess for survival. Known as the "master's art" for being taught only to those who have already achieved high degree of combat skill. Within the family, however, the essential skills were taught to children since early on in the form of a game, developing them physically and mentally without introducing the lethal power of I Liq Chuan. These teaching methods remained secret until the early nineties when the current successor and lineage holder Sam F. S. Chin opened his family art to the public.

Watch You Tube I Liq Chuan Video with Master Sam F.S. Chin


Monday 6-8:30pm Intermediate Class
Qigong, I Liq Chuan 15 Basic Exercises, Form Practice, Spinning Hands & Sticky Hands.

Tuesday 4:00-5:30pm Open Class
Qigong, I Liq Chuan 15 Basic Exercises, Form Practice, Spinning Hands & Sticky Hands. This class is open to exploration and training what each individual needs.

Monday April 17th-June 19th 4:30pm-5:30pm
Kids Kung Fu / I Liq Chuan Ages 6-8yrs, $100

Wednesday April 19th-June 21st 4:30pm-5:30pm
Kids Kung Fu / I Liq Chuan Ages 9-12yrs, $100

Wednesday 6-8pm Intermediate Class
Learn Qigong, Basic Exercises, fundamental principles of I Liq Chuan, spinning and sticky hands and Form practice


Qigong is an ancient Chinese exercise that cultivates, moves, and balances the internal energies within the body. In this class, students will learn and practice short forms - simple and effective techniques that stimulate circulation, improve balance, and create an overall sense of well being.

Beginners Special 1st time Monthly Unlimited class pass: $80
Monthly unlimited class pass : $100
$20 drop in fee per class

Call to register for all classes

$50 Yearly ILQ Member fee (required for testing and will receive discounts on workshops and classes around the world) Family Discount buy one month receive 50% off for all other family members

Please call for any cancellations due to weather and holidays. Please drive safely.