Welcome to The Living Seed Yoga & Holistic Health Center: Yoga, Dance, Massage, Naturopathic Doctor, Holistic Family Practitioner & Sauna of New York in the Hudson Valley

Experience the health benefits of perspiration in our dry/wet Sauna where temperatures reach up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Humans have valued the power of sweating away impurities from the very beginning and sweating has always been a safe and natural way to heal. The skin, the body's largest organ, plays a vital role in detoxifying the body from the hundreds of chemicals we are exposed to each day. Regular trips to the sauna can restore and enhance the body's ability to eliminate toxins. Other health benefits include: improved blood circulation, skin cleansing, and the release of mental and physical stress. .

Daily Sauna Schedule - By Appt. Only

$10 per session

  • Please call (845.255.8212) to make an appointment
  • Bring your own towel
  • Pregnant women & children under the age of 12 not permitted