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Angelique began studying bellydance in 1997, and since then, has been an avid student of the dance, music, history and culture. Her quest for excellence has taken her into the classrooms of some of the top bellydancers in the country, such as Yousry Sharif, Morocco, Zahra Zuhair, Jillina, Bozenka, Ava Fleming, and most notably, her main teacher, Suhaila Salimpour. Angelique has been studying in the challenging and demanding Salimpour format for 4 years, and is now Level 3 certified. Her deep understanding of proper technique, and her ability to translate music into movement has made her a sought after performer and teacher in the Hudson Valley. Angelique's approach towards teaching is to create a warm, friendly, yet challenging environment where information is conveyed in a clear, educated manner, and students are inspired to train their bodies to move in all the beautiful ways the artform has to offer.