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Amadou Diallo is a master drummer, performer and educator from West Africa. Amadou has been playing drums for twenty five years; he has played with many well regarded groups, both in Africa and in the United States.
As well as being an accomplished musician, Amadou is also an experienced teacher. He is passionate about teaching people about his music and culture. Amadou has taught workshops in many area schools and integrates musical performances with storytelling and cultural history. He truly enjoys his work and his joy is infectious. Amadou is a skilled emissary for his culture, he believes deeply in the importance of this work, and in the necessity of bridging the gaps in our understanding of one another.
Here is a selection of the drumming styles and musical group's Amadou has worked with; he plays Tabala, Djembe, Djun-Djun Ba, Kutiro, Sabar, Hrin of the Baye Fall style, Sangban, Kenkeni, and Bango. He is also a singer and songwriter. In Africa, Amadou has played with The Foret Sacre Ballet, The Exole de Art, Group Thomas, The Ballet African, Kakliambe Group, Ballet Welligara, and The Balllet Bougarabou. In the United States, Amadou has performed with, Fakoli Dance and Drum, Foret Sacre, the Sarouba Group, the Vanaver Caravan, Samite, Foliba, Nego Gato, and John Specker and Shout Loula.
Amadou is available for performances, workshops and classes. He is an experienced presenter of diversity curricula. Amadou will work with any age group, from Pre-School, to High School, to Senior Citizens. He is also experienced in working with the disabled. Amadou can arrange for other African Drummers and Dancers to join him in performances.